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Some of Our Clients

Neda is methodical, and she thinks about every input beforehand and anticipates how it will affect downstream processes. She is exceptionally thorough in anything that is given to her.

Neda is meticulous. In our business, there many moving parts, numerous vendors, many payment term options, and with every type of transaction she ensures that each one is properly completed in our various departments before it reaches the Accounting side. If Neda sees an issue she will immediately address the situation to identify how the issue arose, ensure paperwork was properly processed, create new processes (if needed) to alleviate future issues or notify our managers or owners to collaborate on the best solution.

Neda is also very easy to talk. She is willing to explain the idiosyncrasies that the job involves. Accounting terminology, reports, and data are sometimes misunderstood or misinterpreted, however, Neda always explains them in a simple manner.

Lastly, accuracy is the most important aspect of bookkeeping/accounting, and Neda would say the same thing. No one is more accurate or expects accuracy in others more than Neda. There are no gray areas in Accounting with Neda. Neda is exceptional at what she does.

I have had the pleasure to be working with Neda for the past two years. I hired her to run and manage all things financial in a busy boutique interior design firm which always has a million plates spinning in the air. When she came on board, she diligently and methodically reconciled all our accounts and patiently reworked all my previous bookkeepers errors. She is smart, honest and hardworking and a pleasure to work with. With a masters in finance she not only has the technical ability to manage everything financial but she also carries an innate business acumen which is a huge asset when it comes to strategy and planning.

Tatum Kendrick, StudioHus